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New Land Rover Defender

by Chay Godfrey The brand-new modernised Land Rover Defender is here having made its return with the most iconic re-design this model has ever seen in its history. The previous […]
Futuristic car being driven on the road with the steering wheel visible

EASCY: The Future of the Automotive Industry

What is EASCY? According to this report by PWC, the future of the automotive industry is going to be EASCY. But what does the term mean? EASCY is an acronym for […]
Cars Parked Outside GKL Leasing

Car Review Blog: Renault Captur, BMW X6, Mazda CX-30

SUVs are popular, but sometimes, you can get a car that looks like an SUV without actually being one. This month’s car review discusses a true SUV and two crossovers. […]
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