Corporate and Social responsibility

Corporate and Social responsibility

We work towards responsible business, self-regulation, and best practice through our CSR (corporate social responsibility) commitments. These are aimed at our current and future clients, service providers and partners. We are always seeking to make a positive impact on the wider community.



We encourage greener leasing solutions and reducing carbon footprint. Continued technological improvements enable modern vehicles to reduce emissions and we are active in providing ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles), Electric, PHEV (Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and Hybrid Vehicles wherever possible.

Charitable Causes

We regularly donate to national and local charities and to fundraising events throughout the year. Whether this involves charitable giving or reducing vehicle costs, we will continually support charities and local community programmes where possible.

For several years now, we have selected the Royal British Legion as the key charity that we support, by making a large donation each year. Other charities, small and large, are also supported. Both our staff and customers are consulted and preference is given to charities that have some link with staff or customers.

Ethical Practice

We endeavour to treat all our customers and employees fairly and ethically, whilst continuously maintaining best practice.